Risk Management

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We believe that the best way to manage any risk is to eliminate or mitigate it, whenever this is possible. SWZ’s team of Risk Control professionals offers a wide range of consulting services including safety and security, loss prevention, fleet management, property conservation, business continuity, disaster recovery, supply chain management, OSHA, and corporate governance risk assessment.

For risks that cannot be eliminated or otherwise controlled, we will help you to quantify and financially analyze the loss potential in order to weigh the trade-offs between risk assumption and risk transfer. And we can assist in evaluating risk-funding options, such as SIR and deductible plans, retrospectively rated programs, captive insurance alternatives and qualified self-insurance.

When insurance protection is the right answer, we will work with you to design and deliver comprehensive, integrated, cost-effective coverage. With broad access to the insurance marketplace and strong, positive relationships with all major retail underwriters and wholesale specialty markets, SWZ has both the means and the methods to reduce premiums, improve coverage terms and streamline the administration of your programs.

SWZ’s Risk Management Services Include:

  • Exposure assessment and analysis of current programs and strategies
  • Risk control consulting
  • Claims management and loss mitigation
  • Executive liability analysis and corporate governance risk control
  • Captive and self-insurance analysis
  • Mergers and acquisition analysis
  • Workers’ compensation cost control and disability management
  • Industry surveys and benchmarking data
  • Risk retention and risk purchasing groups
  • Alternative risk transfer (finite risk, loss portfolio transfer)
  • Credit risk assessment and management

Fleet Safety & Compliance Services:

As an extension of our Risk Management services, we have particular expertise when it comes to working with Trucking and Transportation companies, as well as with any company which operates a fleet of commercial weight vehicles, and which is subject to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and/or US Department of Department of Transportation (USDOT) oversight.

We have spent more than 25 years working with FMCSA, and are familiar with all of the nuances of running a compliant company.

All commercial vehicles operated in interstate commerce are subject to regulation by various federal regulations and agencies, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Trade, traffic or transportation in any state not defined as “Interstate Commerce” is defined as “Intrastate Commerce.” Many fleets that only operate within a single state automatically assume they are not involved with interstate commerce, and therefore, are not subject to these regulations. However, this is not always correct.

Commercial fleets not involved with interstate commerce are subject to regulation by the individual states. Most state regulations for intrastate commerce mirror federal regulations. In addition, specific state laws may specify additional requirements over and above the federal requirements, and may apply to vehicles registered within that state. This is where it pays to work with an transportation expert, as we can help our clients navigate the complexities of compliance with state and federal governing bodies.

For those clients which have run afoul of FMCSA or a state regulatory body, we can help with everything from appealing a particular violation/citation, to reversing a Conditional or Unsatisfactory Rating from FMCSA as a result of an audit.

SWZ’s fleet compliance and regulatory services suite includes:

  • DOT Examinations
  • DOT drug and alcohol tests
  • Driver qualifications
  • IFTA fuel tax reporting
  • Establish state IRP & IFTA accounts
  • Log auditing
  • Motor vehicle records check
  • Oversize/overweight permits
  • Safety services
  • Obtain DOT numbers & File for Federal & State operating authority
  • Temporary trip and fuel permits
  • Obtain Vehicle Titles
  • UCR filings
  • BOC3 Filings
  • Annual filing of 2290, Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
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SWZ Insurance has experienced industry professionals, which specialize in government regulations and safety management systems, to assist customers in obtaining and maintaining Satisfactory safety ratings with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

Let the professionals at SWZ Insurance help your company create a Safety Management and Compliance system that will prevent costly DOT fines and assist your company in being the safe, compliant carrier that you deserve to be.