Video: Can a Dash Cam Save Your Company?

This footage is from a recent accident, and is important for so many reasons. The footage essentially puts the claims adjusters, attorneys and jurors in the truck driver’s seat so that they can identify with the driver, and see how quickly an accident can unfold.

In this particular case, the claimant (driver of the passenger vehicle) obtained an attorney for her and two passengers, who were her children. The claimant’s petition stated that she was completely stopped, 3-4 car lengths from the stop sign, in almost zero visibility because of a heavy rain. She further claimed that our driver “came out of nowhere,” hit her, then veered back into traffic where he hit another vehicle head on. This statement was made prior to the claimant and her attorney being aware of our client’s video footage.

The footage from this camera will save our client and the insurance carrier from what very likely could be a $1 million plus verdict. As anyone in the trucking industry well knows, juries are not friendly to trucking companies in most cases, and most often side with the story of the plaintiff. The footage here speaks for itself.

These cameras are available to clients which qualify for our preferred program, and simply record events as they unfold. We do not monitor these, so the driver’s privacy is not jeopardized by having the camera in the cab.

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