Ami E. Curci



Ami was born and raised here in Burleson, Texas. She moved to CA in the late 1980’s, and then to Hawaii a short time later, where she owned and operated one of the more popular restaurants on Kauai. She sold the restaurant after the birth of her first child, and moved back to Northern CA. Her involvement in the insurance industry began in the San Francisco Bay area 1999, when she started out working as an assistant in the policy issuance department for one of the largest insurers in the U.S. She gradually worked her way into the underwriting department, first as an assistant, and eventually working her way up to the position of Senior Enterprise Risk Analyst. She decided to return to Texas in 2011, and founded Logistics Insurance Concepts in 2012, where she specialized in fleet driven accounts. She recognized the need to expand her resources, and in 2014 she merged her agency with SWZ Insurance, assuming the role of President. Ami lives on a ranch close to Grandview, TX with her husband and her son, and has 2 grown children.