Lawsuit Abuse

Lawsuit abuse is something we have all heard about, and many times these stories are a bookend to a funny story, or used as an example of how ridiculous our society has become over the years. 

However, there are real world consequences to these suits that affect us all, whether you realize it or not. A lawsuit doesn’t have to have to be successful, or result in a massive jury verdict, to cost a company some serious dollars. The cost to defend these frivolous suits is MASSIVE, and it’s passed on by the insurance carriers across the board in the form of higher premiums, which are borne by the policyholders (e.g. the companies you and I do business with in a daily basis, such as the grocery store, the landlord, or the dry cleaner). In turn these companies pass the increased costs onto consumers in the form of higher goods and services.

While there is a time and a place for good legal representation, the simple fact is that lawsuit abuse is costing us all, and eroding the very fabric of our society. Enjoy these examples of lawsuit abuse run amok!

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