The Greatest Gift: Paying It Forward

Every so often in life we get the chance to do something special for someone – often times it’s a complete stranger. In today’s parlance we call it “paying it forward,” but quite simply, it’s a small sacrifice; a random act of kindness. By definition, a random act of kindness is something positive done for someone that isn’t known on a personal level. The fact that the good deed is performed for a stranger is what fulfills the “random” part of the equation.

Here is a story which is about this very thing. A story about the sacrifice of a man who paid the ultimate price in service to his country, and the simple, heartfelt gesture of a child who understands the principle of a cause greater than one’s self. After all, that is the true message of Christmas. It’s the story of a gift given over 2,000 years ago to all mankind, which culminated in the ultimate sacrifice in order to provide salvation, and everlasting life. With that, the folks here at SWZ Insurance wish everyone who reads this a very Merry Christmas!

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